Reality is, well, reality. It's not like we enjoy so much "real" then allow "fantasy" to make up the difference. It just doesn't happen that way. Some may try to avoid reality as much as possible and I don't get caught up trying to figure them out. Other cases are not so easy. The mind can be a tricky thing as well as a thing easily tricked. Yet not everything that does so is negative. To err is human but...we can adapt to it.

Our biological interface is not perfect but by and large works well enough, and it has assistance. Our worldview is not perfect but by and large works well enough, assisted by our senses. A definite measure of faith is necessary to accommodate the emergence of certain changed states in the world. And when they all work together? Accomplishments happen.

It pleases me to report Krikalev and Phillips have returned safely to the Earth with their Spaceflight Participant companion. As commented upon earlier, Krikalev set a new record for man in space - his time aboard ISS added another 179 days and 23 minutes to his grand total of 803 days (and 9 hours and 39 minutes!). Each safe return means a little bit more learned, and a little bit more confidence. The physics of launch and safe return, though straightforward, are unforgiving. It's not an easy thing to do, when there's no do-over.

Members of a peaceful international community can respect each other's spacefaring attempts (though individual members may be quite assitudinous towards other as-of-not yet members). It's illustrative of our species to consider these attempts as a whole. As the representatives of the ISS community come down, two "independent" representatives go aloft in their Divine Vessel 6. Two years after the first Taikonaut orbited the Earth, two more - Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng - have begun an ambitious 80 orbit mission. Together the peaceful world prays for the success of their effort.

We can't change the world just by thinking about it. Working together however, we can build it. "You won't get wise with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what your dream might be." (An inestimable contribution by the Canadians, thank you very much!) Fortunately we enjoy space where so much real amount of foresight allows human adaptability to make up the difference. The focus of large groups can be magnificent. And the reality is there is but one planet. At what point will the Chinese effort find itself joining the rest?

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